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Target Prospect

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Marketing, promoting and advertising may bring you sales, provide valuable information to correct audience can bring you business.

Attracting target customers by troubleshooting but not a sales pitch.


 Advertising with Education

Be the


Our media verified news, content and partners very carefully. To build a trustworthy media for our readers.

Publish your information on a trustworthy media can build professional image to public. To be an Expert but not sales.

All of our media created by verified partners and our content team.

Our content creation team has local copywriting sense and experience. 

We tell fact like a story.

Fact tells


Stories Sell




Our local digital marketing sense, experience and AI-driven AdZcript techniques are trusted by many clients.

To share your marketing cost with multiple partners in same industry and NO Conflict of Interest.

Keep it in mind, good content will walk around on the internet all the time to Generate new leads for you, even you are Not Paying any Ad.

Immigration Media

Hong Kong NO.1 immigration information platform and key guide for comparison and analysis of immigration policies, residency, citizenship, career, education and life & culture in major cities.

Beyond Beauty

Hong Kong Top cosmetic medical information platform and key guide for comparison and analysis of cosmetic medical trends, services and products. Also a playbook of the tips of being beautiful, healthy and safe.

Life In Sure

Hong Kong Top insurance information platform and key guide for comparison and analysis of insurance trends, product & service details, policies, client benefits & insurance needs in B2B & B2C insurance product & service.

Doctor T

Hong Kong Top Chinese medical information platform and key guide for comparison and analysis of Chinese medical trends, services and products. Also a learning centre of Chinese medical knowledge and health tips.

Fin Digi

Hong Kong Top online & virtual bank information platform and key guide for comparison and analysis of online & virtual bank trends, policies, payment gateway, finical services and fraud & scam case study.


Zcripture is a new startup Hong Kong Online Media firm and also a outsourced digital marketing, direct marketing and brand development services firm specializing in: 


Online Media Creation, Branding, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Local Culture & Communications, Live & Podcast and Production.

For any enquiry, discuss partnership or business development opportunities at Zcripture, please send us a request via .

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