“Focus on your strengths, and your partners help you with the rest. “

CEO // Founder
Oscar Cheung

About Zcripture

to replace Advertising with Education

Zcripture is a new startup Hong Kong Online Media firm and also an outsourced digital marketing, direct marketing and brand development services firm specializing in: 

Online Media Creation, Branding, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Local Culture & Communications, Live & Podcast and Production.

We help our local business partners to develop their business and lower their marketing cost. Our local marketing sense, experience and AI-driven AdZcript techniques are trusted by many clients.


Since 2014, we have been providing Digital Marketing services to companies in different industries in Hong Kong. Since we have helped multiple companies set up social media strategies, search engine optimization and create valuable content to attract clients, we understand how to secure the right audience and invite real clients instead of individuals who are in the exploratory stage. 

Following with array of evolutions in Marketing in Hong Kong, we decided to focus on Content Marketing and Media Creation, so the target audience can save time and resources to search, learn, compare and analyze the knowledge and information they need on our media platform. We make sure that our media partners are qualified suppliers who can provide quality services and informative content but not just sales pitch, to ensure our media platform can benefit the public audience and target customers.

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Top Migration Information Platform and Guideline. To comparison and analysis of immigration policies, residency, citizenship, career, education and life & culture in major cities.


s a Free Job Matching, Employment Supporting and Workplace Culture Educating Platform & Community. We focus on the applicants in Hong Kong who are doing immigration process and planning to move overseas.

Why Zcripture Media


Marketing, promoting and advertising may bring you sales, provide valuable information to correct audience can bring you business.


Our media verified news, content and partners very carefully. To build a trustworthy media for our readers. Publish your information on a trustworthy media can build professional image to public. To be an Expert but not sales.


Our local digital marketing sense, experience and AI-driven AdZcript techniques are trusted by many clients. To share your marketing cost with multiple partners in same industry and NO Conflict of Interest. Keep it in mind, good content will walk around on the internet all the time to Generate new leads for you, even you are Not Paying any Ad.


All of our media created by verified partners and our content team. Our content creation team has local copywriting sense and experience. We tell fact like a story.

Our Service


we understand most of the client’s needs. We are expert in finding the correct target audience.  Zcripture is well-understood the local market trends and we focus the real engagement, ROIs, cost control and customers loyalty of all of our business partners. We have experience in B2B, B2C content marketing and lead generation. 

A full digital marketing strategy provided to our business partners. The key to making a 24/7 Auto Sales program on multi-platform is doing good content marketing and multi-channel integration. To understand the basic concept of D2C (Direct to customers) is easy – Building a society with your target audience. 

Good content creation to explain what kind of value that your company can bring to customers. Spread your concept with good content on social media and google search engines by Social Media Ad, Google Ad, KOLs, influencers, the local marketing sense and our experience.Creating a 24/7 auto sales program online which is a part of content marketing. 

Most of the case, we build blogs, tools or useful informational content on your website to attract your target audience. Creating good content with our SEO, data analysis techniques.Remember building a website is a must of doing digital business. 

To ensure you have a data collection, such as a website, an online shop or any method that can collect leads to build your own lead database or audience database. Basically, this is the first step of digital marketing.

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