to replace advertising
with education

Zcripture is a new startup Hong Kong Online Media firm and also an outsourced digital marketing, direct marketing and brand development services firm specializing in: 

Online Media Creation, Branding, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Local Culture & Communications, Live & Podcast and Production.


We help our local business partners to develop their business and lower their marketing cost. Our local marketing senseexperience and AI-driven AdZcript techniques are trusted by many clients.

Since 2014, we have been providing Digital Marketing services to companies in different industries in Hong Kong. Since we have helped multiple companies set up social media strategies, search engine optimization and create valuable content to attract clients, we understand how to secure the right audience and invite real clients instead of individuals who are in the exploratory stage. 

Following with array of evolutions in Marketing in Hong Kong, we decided to focus on Content Marketing and Media Creation, so the target audience can save time and resources to search, learn, compare and analyze the knowledge and information they need on our media platform. We make sure that our media partners are qualified suppliers who can provide quality services and informative content but not just sales pitch, to ensure our media platform can benefit the public audience and target customers.


CEO // Founder

Oscar Cheung

“Focus on your strengths, and your partners help you with the rest. “