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Top Migration Information Platform and Guideline. To comparison and analysis of immigration policies, residency, citizenship, career, education and life & culture in major cities.

to replace advertising
with education

Marketing, promoting and advertising may bring you sales, provide valuable information to correct audience can bring you business.

Attracting target customers by troubleshooting but not a sales pitch.

Be the

Our media verified news, content and partners very carefully. To build a trustworthy media for our readers. Publish your information on a trustworthy media can build professional image to public. To be an Expert but not sales.

Marketing Espresso

Our local digital marketing sense, experience and AI-driven AdZcript techniques are trusted by many clients. To share your marketing cost with multiple partners in same industry and NO Conflict of Interest. Keep it in mind, good content will walk around on the internet all the time to Generate new leads for you, even you are Not Paying any Ad.

Fact tells but Stories Sell Sell

All of our media created by verified partners and our content team. Our content creation team has local copywriting sense and experience. We tell fact like a story.

Our Media

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Media With authorized Community

Industry Standard

Our media build with a community setting up by partners and work on the industry standard. We tell fact Only. By educate public audiences to understand more knowledge of the industry, it helps prospects to compare service and product. 

Cost Sharing

In order to make a big impact, we need to put a huge budget on online Ads and offline Ads. We need to push our digital marketing spending in order to attract leads and attention. When we work together, we would be able to achieve that with lower marketing cost. 

Demand Generation


We generate demand by our design, content, podcasts, video, white-paper and event on multi-media online or offline such as : Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Physical Conference, Workshop and more. 

Lead Generation

Our platform is an 24/7 auto sales to generate Leads. Our strong pre-sale team can save our partners time of finding leads and filtering prospects.

Filtering Prospect

When the enquiry, questions or any interested audience come to us, we will not just pass it to our partners. For saving our partners time, we would filter and pre-sale them when they have buying signal we would send them in front of our partners. 

Q&A forum based

Nowadays, people search the things they want online by typing in questions sentences much more than single keyword or professional terms. All of our media provide Q&A section to audience for troubleshooting and our partners would be the experts to solve readers’ problem. 

Content Creation

Content Expert

Our content creation team has local copywriting sense, experience and also understand the search engine system so we create the content which is easy-to-search, cater to correct audience and attractive. We tell fact like a story. 

Production Team

Our professional production team is the partner of famous fashion brands. To surprise our audience with creative and eye-catching photos and videos in our own studio and production team is just that Easy.

Live & Podcasts

Since we have resources of production, influencers, experience and good idea. Our Live & Podcasts can attract correct audiences and promote our partners.

Event & Conference

We provide a clients-experience-focus event, a sharing place and also a chance to arrange session or one to one meeting between partners and prospects.

Digital Marketing


Our digital marketing team developed an AI-driven Online Advertising Manager. Auto optimized our ad campaign by learning the KPIs data. Save our cost and get more exposure.


Strong search engine optimization skills and techniques to reach more target prospects for our partners by organic reach.

Unique Industrial Database

We collect the data over 6 years to generate a target audience database from different industries, so we know who is the real buyer.

Influencers Database

We have a big working platform of KOL, influencers, models. We are the professional KOL finder, inviting the most fit influencers to crossover our media.

Dynamic Content

Build better content and Ad campaign via the data collected on our media platform. Create the user-experience-focus content is just so easy here.

Conversion Focus

Our Media platform is not just an information provider to the prospects but also help them make decision quickly. Our multi CTA method such as : appointment setter, one-click-buy, enquiry tools and more… can always fulfil your business development needs.